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Monday, January 9, 2017

Winter Connect Groups

Winter Connect Groups begin next week and I want to encourage you to jump in and join a group. It is only an 8-week commitment and it will add real community to your life and encourage you more than you can imagine. 
As in past semesters, some of our groups will work off of Saturday sermons. When we write sermons we spend somewhere between 10-20 hours on them, and the life cycle of our congregation functions through our sermon series. It is a great way to connect with people in our community and on a deeper level with God. These are also great groups to invite friends to who don't yet know Yeshua!
3 sermon community Connect Groups:
Mill Creek: Led by Laurie Bachand @ Rick & Cindy Gile’s home - Monday nights @ 6:30pm (begins Jan. 16th)
Edmonds: Led by Chris Hamilton @ Tom & Gisela Fogle's home - Monday nights @ 6:30pm (begins Jan. 16th)
Northgate: Led by Aybars Uckun @ Aybars & Kelly Uckun's home - Tuesday nights @ 6:30pm (begins Jan. 17th)
We have a specialty Connect Group that studies the traditional Jewish readings from the Torah for each Saturday. It is a great opportunity for study and connecting with like-minded people at Restoration. It is very convenient as this group meets on Saturdays in our building following our Shabbat Gathering.
Torah Connect Group: Led by Janet Cothrell after Shabbat Gathering (begins Jan. 21st)
This winter semester we are adding Connect Groups specifically designed for men and women. These groups will use a video-based Bible study and will be totally different in context than the other groups. So if you are able, you can participate in a few different groups in one week!
Women’s Connect Group: Led by Piper Ditzler - Wednesday nights @ 7:00pm in the Restoration Office (begins Jan. 18th)
Men's Connect Group: Led by Matt Rosenberg - Tuesday nights @ 6:30pm in the Restoration Office (begins Jan. 17th)

You can get specific information about each group at our Shabbat Gathering every Saturday, or contact Emily Kennedy in the office at 206.232.0490 or

These groups are going to be awesome. You are designed for community and we are better together. Join a Connect Group this winter semester!

A word of encouragement!

Yeshua is still Alive. For me this is what I have staked my whole life on. Yes, he was killed. Yes, it was bloody and brutal. Yes, he offered himself, no one took his life. But three days later he rose from the dead. Bottom line I'm sticking with the only person to ever die, come back to life and never die again. There are plenty of things to be afraid of but I don't want to be afraid. There are plenty of things to stress about but I don't want to live in anxiety. Yeshua offered himself for people who need a savior not for those who are convinced they don't need one. He came for the sick, the marginalized, the ones who don't belong. He came so that we can meet him and want to be like him. He doesn't need you to change before you meet him. But you will be changed after you meet him. Don't be afraid, don't be anxious, trust in the one who died, rose from the dead and still lives!